• Simple to use.
  • Accurate. With a suitable table can position to within 0.005 degrees of the required angle or division.
  • Handles any number of divisions including primes.
  • Can be home made or I can provide parts to completed modules
  • Will work with most tables / dividing heads / lathe bull wheels etc.

DIY Rotary Indexer

What is it?

In simple terms it’s a device to replace the division plates on a rotary table (or similar) with a stepper motor, making it easy to index, move by angles etc.

Operation Modes.

  • Division mode: Divide a circle into 2 – 9999 parts.
  • Angle mode: Move in 0.01 to 359.99 degree steps.
  • Jog mode: Allows easy positioning of the work.
  • Continuous mode: Rotate the work continually.
  • Gear mode: Add a second motor to automate gear cutting.
  • Program mode: Enter scripts for batch operations.






Parts and construction

List of parts and construction notes.

User Manual

Latest version of the manual (see downloads for earlier versions)


All files in a downloadable format.


Parts I currently offer.